Verizon, Tumblr among new entries in porn 'Dirty Dozen' list

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Morality in Media's annual list recognizing the 12 top facilitators of pornography in America -- the Dirty Dozen List -- has just been announced, and Attorney General Eric Holder tops the list again.

One would think that inclusion on this list would be enough of a deterrent to change conduct, but not for the attorney general.

He is apparently not bothered in the least, and perhaps relishes the praise he receives from the nation’s porn criminals.

After all, Holder shut down the criminal prosecution group charged with obscenity prosecutions and not one new adult obscenity case has been initiated during his tenure.

Many companies responsible for the pornography pandemic our nation suffers seem similarly apathetic about their dubious distinction, such as Facebook, Barnes & Noble, the American Library Association and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

They are all holdovers from last year’s Dirty Dozen List and continue to be leaders in the spread of porn and exploitation in America.

Those companies from the 2013 list, which have been excluded from the current list, have not necessarily ceased profiting from pornography, but have made improvements.

They included the Pentagon, for halting sales of porn in the Army and Air Force exchanges, and Comcast, for improving parental controls.

New names on the list include Verizon, a foremost pornography supplier to the public. In our letter informing Verizon of the company’s inclusion in this year’s list, we asked CEO Lowell C. McAdam if he believed that Verizon should profit from pornographic films that promote child sex abuse and incest?

Else why offer for rent, “Pigtail Teens Pounded,” “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter, and Me,” “I Did the Babysitter” and “Young Amateur Teens”?

“Sex Week,” the college and university phenomenon joins this year’s list. These events include porn stars, porn movies, naked lecturers and lessons in torture-sex for already sex-charged students.

Yale, Harvard and other top schools celebrate these foolish events. Is there a parent in America who sends their kid to college to watch porn, live or filmed?

Tumblr, the social networking sensation, is new to the list and our advice is to avoid the site at all costs. Porn proliferates on Tumblr under almost any topic for which consumers might search.

Yet the site is open to children, and the company founders are content with the site’s reputation as a leading method of porn distribution.

One other target of the Dirty Dozen List deserves special mention: Fifty Shades of Gray. It is not just a book series, but a noxious cultural trend, the victims of which will be, as most sexual exploitation is, the female gender.

The notion that bondage, sadism and sexual domination will lead to equality of the sexes or any positive trend is fatuous on its face.

Despite this, the book is wildly popular and celebrated by many of today’s cultural icons, such as Oprah Winfrey.

The Dirty Dozen List helps to focus the public’s attention on those that are primarily responsible for the growing problem of sexual exploitation.

It isn’t just the pornographers that are to blame for the harms of pornography. Those who aid and abet the pornographers are liable as well.

It may be easy for companies to detach from the issue and consider pornography a mere profitable part of modern life —but only by avoiding common sense.

Violence against women, sex trafficking, addiction, male sexual dysfunction and the destruction of marriages are just a few of the devastating harms of pornography.

We urge the Dirty Dozen to consider a different course. The complete Dirty Dozen List can be found at

Patrick A. Trueman is president and CEO of Morality in Media, Inc. and former chief of the child exploitation and obscenity section of the U.S. Department of Justice.
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