Women in revealing clothes deserve to be raped, say Brazilians in new poll

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You want to talk about the real war on women? Look no further than Brazil, where a recent government-sanctioned poll revealed that Brazilian men -- and women -- believe that if a woman shows off her body she deserves to be raped.

Brazil’s Institute of Applied Economic Research asked 3,810 men and women the question, with 65 percent of respondents saying women who wear “clothing that shows off the body” deserve to be raped.

Keep in mind, 66.5 percent of the respondents were women.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff took to twitter to say the poll results show that “Brazilian society still has a long way to go to fight violence against women.”

“The results make clear the burden on law and public policy to fight violence against women,” she added.

In another tweet, Rousseff said that “government and society must work together to tackle violence against women inside and outside the home.”

In her final tweet on the subject, Rousseff called for “zero tolerance for violence against women.”

The poll results prompted an immediate backlash on social media from other Brazilians. Journalist Nana Queiroz started a Facebook event and Twitter hashtag asking women to pose topless while covering their breasts and caption the photos “I don't deserve to be raped.”

Women who did not want to pose topless were encouraged to participate fully clothed because, as Queiroz said, the point was to “demonstrate that no one can claim ownership over their bodies other than themselves.”

What were women in America concerned about this week? Free birth control.

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