Chris Christie: Obama hug did not hurt Mitt Romney in the election

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asserted that his "hug" of President Obama right before the 2012 election in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy did not hurt Mitt Romney's chance to win the presidency.

Christie reminded Kelly that Romney himself refuted the notion that it had any effect in the race.

"I have seen him publicly say over and over again that it had absolutely no effect or role on the race, either subjectively for the way he felt or objectively in terms of what their polls looked like at the time. So the answer is no," Christie said.

Christie said that he would praise the president again, if he had to do it again.

"These are the ABCs of me, you ask me a question I'm going to give you an honest answer. Some days it may serve your political purpose and some days it might not. But in the end, the comfort you should take from it is, I'm not changing as the wind blows, I say what I think," Christie explained.

Christie explained that many of his critics were over the situation, reminding Kelly that he campaigned hard for Romney, and traveled to 26 states to support him.

"Some people who you are referring to have a short memory," he said. "Fortunately Mitt Romney doesn't and the fair people don't."

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