Sen. Al Franken insists he was 'always a serious person'

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Comedian turned politician Al Franken insisted in an interview airing Sunday that he was “always a serious person” despite what his public persona may have suggested.

“People who are funny are very often very serious people and vice-versa,” the Minnesota Democratic senator, up for re-election this year, said on ABC's “This Week.”

And the freshman senator, who won election by a razor-thin 312-vote margin, said he has provided precious little material for comedians these days.

“He would say I did well because I'm the same person,” the senator said on how the comedian Franken would assess his performance in the upper chamber. “There aren't two different people.”

“When I would make fun of a politician it was only because they were screwing up in some way. And I don't think I could find anything, frankly,” Franken added. “Whew, I'd be a really hard subject to satirize because I've just been impeccable.”

Despite his small margin of victory, Franken holds a commanding lead in his re-election bid, according to recent surveys.

But he admitted that Obamacare, an issue that poses problems for Democrats ahead of November's midterms, was far from perfect.

“I think that the rollout was pretty disastrous,” he said on ABC. “I don't think there's any question about that. I also think there are parts of the law that need to be fixed."

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