VIDEO: Wendy Davis claims Republicans don't care about 'people who don't look like them'

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Wendy Davis, the Democrat running for Texas governor, played the race card at a recent event, claiming that Republicans are not fans of “people who don't look like them or come from where they've come from.”

Davis, speaking at a campaign event in Fort Worth, told the crowd that Republican leadership in Texas has shown “an increasing, growing intolerance for the perspectives and values of all people” in Texas. She also said the party, which she used to belong to, put a “greater and greater emphasis on taking care of a select few.”

Davis pointed to Arizona, claiming that the “anti-immigration bill” passed in 2010 damaged the state's tourism industry (it didn't) and economy (also not true).

But no matter, Davis believes Arizona isn’t doing well and that it’s the fault of Republican leadership in that state being opposed to immigration. (Davis doesn’t say illegal immigration, she makes it sound like the GOP is against all immigration, which isn’t true.)

“And we know what they really believe and think about people who don’t look like them or come from where they’ve come from,” Davis said. “And we also know, as a consequence of what’s been going on with their positions and their platform on LGBT rights, exactly where their values are in that regard.”

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