Key Democrat: Islamic State forcing U.S. hand in Iraq

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A leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee captured the conundrum President Obama finds himself in after the Islamic State beheaded an American journalist and appeared to both threaten the U.S. against continuing airstrikes while baiting America into full-scale war.

As PJ Tatler's Bridget Johnson notes, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Tuesday night that the execution of an American journalist and the victimizing of women and children shows that the Islamic State is the “personification of evil.”

At the same time, he said it forces Obama’s hand to expand military operations against the Islamic extremists or draw back and let the Islamic State tighten its grip on the region and plot attacks to take place on U.S. soil.

“The mission has broadened. It began to protect American citizens as well as the humanitarian crisis you mentioned. It then expanded to protecting critical infrastructure, the Mosul dam,” Schiff said. “And it’s a very treacherous and slippery slope, particularly when you talk about a long-term strategic plan of aiding the Iraqis and helping to defeat [the Islamic State]. We may not have declared it a war, but when we’re dropping bombs and they’re apparently beheading our citizens, it certainly looks like war.

“So this is, you know, a very precarious situation,” he continued. “America doesn’t want to be dragged back in. At the same time, this is a group if left to its own devices has made it clear they intend to attack us in the homeland.”

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