Two Occupy D.C. protesters arrested at "targeted Occupation" of Merrill Lynch

Local,Aubrey Whelan

Two Occupy DC protesters were arrested Monday night after they set up tents outside Merrill Lynch's downtown offices in a "targeted occupation."

It's the latest development in Occupy DC's arsenal of protest tactics - a way to keep the movement visible even though police cleared most of their tents from McPherson Square.

Monday night's protest was the first of these "targeted occupations," small encampments designed to draw attention to a specific issue or entity. Protesters on Monday were targeting Merrill Lynch and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., whose transactions there have totaled more than $1 billion over the last decade, the New York Times reported earlier this month.

As it turns out, sleeping on the sidewalks is not illegal in D.C., but obstructing the sidewalk is. Two protesters were charged with doing so Monday night after refusing police orders to leave.

On Twitter, Occupiers said they plan to use photographic evidence from the incident to fight the charges.

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