Mainstream scream of the week: Matthews on Limbaugh

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets
Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features Chris Matthews barking at Rush Limbaugh. After playing a clip of Limbaugh saying Democrats “are aborting their own people, the vast majority of people having abortions are Democrat voters,” MSNBC host Matthews condemned the radio rival. “That sounds like hatred of women. That’s a weird kind of astounding assault on women’s rights that he’s playing to there.”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “Unable to address Limbaugh’s point about the irony that abortion likely leads to fewer liberal Democrats, Matthews chose to defame Limbaugh as some kind of anti-woman hater even though he’d allow more baby girls to be born. Matthews demonstrates the over-the-top vitriol aimed at delegitimizing conservatives that makes Hardball more of a left wing circus than a forum for reasoned political discussion.”
Rating: four out of five screams.