Coulter: Sesno treated me like a ‘crazy broad’

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets


Call it the CNN Effect. First John King, then Wolf Blitzer and now former CNN bureau chief Frank Sesno is getting whacked for his debate hosting. But unlike the clashes with Blitzer and King with GOP presidential candidates, Sesno’s moderating of a debate between conservative Ann Coulter and liberal MNSBC talk show host Lawrence O’Donnell is not cooling off.

Coulter told Washington Secrets that she was treated rudely by Sesno at the Sunday debate at George Washington University where the 21-year CNN veteran runs the School of Media and Public Affairs. “It was outrageous and rude and he was supposed to be a neutral moderator, not taking cheap shots at me,” she said.

What happened: After debating several topics, Sesno asked what Washington should do about Syria. Coulter argued that liberals like miltary engagements where U.S. interests are not at stake while conservatives fight wars that advance American causes.

Sesno apparently didn’t get it because he said, “I have no idea what you just said,” to which Coulter said, “You must not be very bright if you don’t understand.” What’s more, as the debate went on, Coulter said she “got a little mouthier with him, snoring at a question and saying I had no idea what he was saying.”

On Monday, Coulter said, “It was the typical sexist crap you get from liberals who have nothing else to say in response to a devastating answer: ‘I have no idea what this crazy broad just said.’”

It didn’t end on stage. The two went at it after the debate finished. “My tone was not friendly,” said Coulter.

Sesno took a cooler approach, telling us, “My role as moderator last night was to help guide and clarify the discussion between Lawrence O’Donnell and Ann Coulter for our GW student audience. In the exchange you describe, I did seek to clarify Ann Coulter’s prior comment and no offense was meant.”

Coulter had only kind words for her sparring partner, O’Donnell. “LO’D is smart enough not to take cheap shots, which is why I like debating Lawrence, but will leave Sesno at home next time.”