'Game Change' the trilogy?

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"Game Change" screenwriter Danny Strong teased us with not one, but two "Game Change" sequels at Thursday night's Washington premiere of the HBO election-themed film. "It would be great to have a trilogy right?" Strong said. "To do three."

There's already going to be another book like "Game Change" with authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann currently covering this crop of presidential hopefuls. "It's already been pretty exciting and, remember, four years ago we didn't have the most exciting elements of the campaign [yet], in terms of the narrative -- the selection of Gov. Palin, the financial crisis -- so we've already had plenty of excitement and I suspect we'll see more between now and November," Halperin told Yeas & Nays, refusing to divulge which candidate is his favorite to write about. "I love all my children equally," he said.

Strong said he'd have to wait until the next book is out before deciding to do another film. "You know, if there's a great movie there, I know that ["Game Change" director] Jay Roach and I would love to do anther one of these for HBO," Strong said.

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