SPECIAL REPORT: An Iron Triangle based in NOAA is killing the U.S. fishing industry


Jane Lubchenco, career environmental activist and author of a cap-and-trade plan for America’s fisheries, is the most controversial director ever to run the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A marine scientist, Lubchenco co-wrote a 2009 paper titled “Oceans of Abundance,” claiming, “the global oceans are being emptied of seafood. Scientists report that 90 percent of large fish — highly sought after species like tuna and swordfish — have been removed from the oceans.”

Other scientists disputed that claim, but President Obama didn’t nominate them to head NOAA.

She is at the center of a classic Washington Iron Triangle that includes wealthy liberal foundations, radical environmental nonprofits and multiple government officials, many of whom, like Lubchenco, came out of the foundations or activist groups.

Lubchenco has done so much to kill the New England fishing industry that 300 angry Gloucester, Mass., citizens protested outside the regional office of the federal fisheries service last October.

They didn’t hang Lubchenco in effigy. Instead, they mounted an ugly mannequin representing her, looming over a gallows where she was the one hanging two fishermen in effigy. The signs pinned to their heavy weather gear read, “Betrayed by government.”