Letters to the Editor: March 16, 2012


New regulations will force hotels to close pools

Re: "Thursday is 'Poolmageddon' for trial lawyers," March 14

Conn Carroll was right to criticize the Obama administration for potentially forcing thousands of hotel swimming pools to close through its onerous re-interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The administration's demand that hotels stop using portable lifts for the disabled and install fixed lifts in their pools instead will impose up to $20,000 in installation costs for each pool, increase risks to child safety, and open hotels to repeated demands for thousands of dollars in attorney fees until they do so.

Those added costs menace the continued operation of the nation's 300,000 public swimming pools, which were recently ordered to install such lifts by March 15th -- an impossible deadline to meet.

To avoid potentially massive liability to trial lawyers under the ADA's attorney-fee provisions, the smaller and cheaper hotels that cater to people of modest means may simply decide to close their pools.

Hans Bader

Senior attorney,

Competitive Enterprise Institute


Blame coming 'Poolmageddon' on Bush 41

Re: "Thursday is 'Poolmageddon' for trial lawyers," March 14

Conn Carroll rightly derides the recent outrages looming under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

However, one must not forget that this law came into being under a Republican administration (Bush 41).

Andrew Margrave


Birth control use does equate to sexual promiscuity

Re: "Dim Bulb," March 14

In attacking Sandra Fluke as a "Dim Bulb" on Wednesday, The Washington Examiner took a legitimate case of confirmation bias and ruined it with its "cure" -- implying that those who take birth control just want sex with no strings attached.

I personally know women who could not function during their periods because of severe menstrual pain and cramping. They were able to remain contributing members of society after going on birth control to lessen the severity of their cycles.

The Examiner should stick with arguments that do not rely on hate-mongering. After all, what's the difference between what you said and Rush Limbaugh's "slut rant" other than the brevity and indirectness of it?

Women who need birth control to function are not "[forcing] the rest of us to pay for [their] fun", as you say. They are forcing us to allow them to be productive members of society.

Andy Goss


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