Mainstream Scream: Politico editor on ‘stupid voters’

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets


Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris who ranted about “stupid voters” and their uninformed answers to pollsters as he explained why he assigned a staffer to write about how polls prove voters are ignorant.

He said on C-SPAN and NewsChannel 8, “To me, some of these poll results, they just seem stupid. So I asked Alex Burns a piece that looks at the question of whether voters are stupid and a lot of the things that they say in these polls are just plain stupid...”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “In one short rant, Harris fully encapsulated the condescension too much of the Washington press corps have for Americans who don’t live in Manhattan or inside the Beltway. Sure, voters are misinformed on some issues, just as are many journalists, but I don’t recall Harris being so upset when those misconceptions were about President George W. Bush.”

Rating: Five of five screams.