Redskins email report: RG3, Luck worth the hype

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Dan Shonka coached in college and spent 16 years as a professional scout and now is the general manager and national scout for He was a scout when Peyton Manning and Ryan Left were entering the draft, the last time two quarterbacks garnered this much attention.

This time is different Shonka says. Leaf's skills were elite, but the rest of his makeup? Well.... But that's what separates Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

"It’s legitimate," Shonka said of the hype this year. "They both have rare ability. To have a pair of them at the top, 1 and 2, they’re very unique."

Shonka likes Luck by a small margin, sounding like someone who prefers a summer home in the Hamptons over Martha's Vineyard. Can you really go wrong either way? But Shonka said he thinks most NFL teams would take Luck first. Of course, that's probably what most Redskins fans want to hear anyway.

But Shonka is high on Griffin.

"The other thing we like is his ability to see the field. He doesn’t read NFL progressions left to right all the time," Shonka said. "He works one side of the field but he sees things on the field clearly where a lot of pro quarterbacks and guys who come into the league don’t see the field clearly. It looks like a blur to them when they drop back. Sometimes they can work their way out of it and sometimes they can’t. The way he reads his progression and the way he sees the field, his vision, is better than other young quarterbacks."

However, Shonka said don't be surprised if Griffin is better initially, simply because the Redskins have better talent than Indianapolis.

He also talks about Griffin's durability, why he thinks teams rate Luck slightly ahead of Griffin and what he likes about Mike Shanahan's offensive philosophy.

"Mike knows what to do with quarterbacks and he’s got one now," he said.

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