Video: Coyote spotted in Arlington, officials say

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Arlington officials say they finally have proof that coyotes are living in the woods on the north side of the county.

A 30-second video posted on the county website shows a coyote briefly pacing in front of a game camera at Potomac Regional Overlook Park. The sighting isn't unexpected - wildlife officials in Arlington have long suspected that the county was playing host to at least a handful of coyotes - but the video is conclusive proof of their presence, said Arlington Natural Resources Manager Alonso Abugattas.

Abugattas said residents shouldn't be afraid of their new canine neighbors. Coyotes are typically shy and avoid people. Smaller cats and dogs "wandering way off in the woods" should beware, though, Abugattas said.

Coyotes tend to see them as a threat and occasionally a food source.

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