Gruden finds it hard to choose between Luck, Griffin

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Jon Gruden didn't want to pick between the two. He said it was like trying to choose between two favorite flavors of ice cream. Though he said Andrew Luck's adjustment to the NFL will be easier than Robert Griffin III's, Gruden was convinced of one thing.

"The Redskins and the Colts are just real lucky because they're looking for quarterbacks and it so happens in this draft there are two great proven commodities," he said during a conference call Wednesday.

Gruden worked with both Luck and Griffin -- who will be the top two picks in the NFL Draft later this month -- as part of his "QB Camp" series on ESPN. Gruden rarely utters a negative word about a quarterback. But his sit-down sessions with them are must watches. That time together -- he watched a lot of tape in preparation, too -- provided him with valuable insight.

Among his thoughts: Despite what Donovan McNabb says, Griffin will be a good fit with Washington. He called Denver's stretch zone runs "devastating" with the mobile John Elway at quarterback. And Gruden pointed to how well the mobile Steve Young flourished under Mike Shanahan.

"Those are as good of offensive tapes as I've ever seen, so when you give Robert Griffin, one of the most explosive quarterbacks to play the position, in a Mike Shanahan system, the possibilities are very exciting," Gruden said.

He also said of Griffin: "I don't have any concerns about this kid. What you see is what you get on the camera and off the camera. He's a special young man. He helped put Baylor on the map of college football. He can do the same thing for the Redskins. He can revive the Redskins as long as he stays healthy and buys in and really takes to this new system and he continues to work."

As for Luck, Gruden said his football intelligence is underestimated.

"I never met a guy like Andrew Luck at this stage of the game," Gruden said. "His recognition of coverage, his retention, the way he studies the game, his audible mechanics and what he's been asked to do with an incredible success rate is unparalleled with anyone I can ever remember at the college level."

- John Keim

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