Brad Marchand doesn't like you

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So, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand doesn’t really care if you think he’s a diving whiner. That issue came up again on Sunday during Game 6 at Verizon Center when he spun like a top after a Jason Chimera hit on him in the second period went uncalled. Play took off in the other direction and Chimera was the one who scored on a feed from teammate Nicklas Backstrom for a game-tying goal.

Now, reasonable and unreasonable folks will disagree on whether Chimera should have been hit with a penalty or if Marchand was just making a sales call. But it was good theatre, especially since Chimera himself mentioned Marchand’s penchant for embellishing penalties. Fair or not – and it may be overblown by opponents who simply see Marchand as an unlikable pest - the reputation is out there. But just know that he doesn’t care what fans or opposing players think. He really doesn’t care.  

 "For them to judge what knocks you down, they don't know your balance or whatnot on the play,” Marchand said to reporters in Boston on Tuesday. “They're sitting at home watching on TV. I don't really care what they say. They have no impact on my game, my life. They mean nothing."

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