Redskins' second QB pick throws Kiper for a loss

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It was a playoff day for the Capitals and the day before Bryce Harper made his home debut for the Nationals. And yet the conversation was dominated by one topic: the Redskins' selection of quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper, for one, didn't like the selection considering the Redskins already had drafted Robert Griffin III in the first. Kiper said he would have considered it a decent pick had someone chosen Cousins in the second round. Or if the Redskins had waited another year, allowing Griffin to establish himself.

"This will be competition," Kiper said. "It can divide a team, and it can cause problems. If RGIII is nicked up and Cousins lights it up, what are you going to do then? The same thing with Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe. Brady got the job, and Bledsoe got kicked to the curb."

That's a tough comparison. For starters, if Cousins "lights it up" while the starter is hurt, is that a bad thing? If nothing else it would increase his potential trade value. And the Brady-Bledsoe comparison fails, too, because the Patriots' staff did not lose three draft picks to select Bledsoe. They had inherited him.

But Kiper is undeterred.

"This notion it can't cause problems is the perfect world," he said. "The perfect world would say RGIII is great from the start and Kirk is a solid backup. ... There were four or five players at that point that could have really helped the Redskins. There's an argument for it, but I have a different take."

- John Keim

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