Mainstream scream: NBC Rock Center in “awe” of Obama

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets


Our weekly look at the loudest screech from the mainstream media features NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams, which went inside the White House Situation Room to review President Obama’s part in killing Osama bin Laden a year ago. “How did you keep an even keel?” asked Williams.

On the show he told Obama, “If this had failed in spectacular fashion, it would have blown up your presidency, I think, by all estimates. It would have been your Waterloo and perhaps your Watergate, consumed with hearings and inquiries. How thick did the specter of Jimmy Carter, Desert One hang in the air here?”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “Brian Williams' approach proves there's no daylight between NBC News and the Obama re-election team. Excerpts could be played in the Democratic convention's Obama tribute video and they'd fit right in.”

Rating: Four out of five screams.