Updated: Doors open on moving Metro train

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The doors on two Metro railcars opened while the train was moving Tuesday morning, a dangerous safety concern.

The incident happened shortly after 9 a.m. on the Red Line between Van Ness and Tenleytown, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. It was first reported by Unsuck DC Metro.

No one was injured, Stessel said. Technicians met the train at Tenleytown and took the train out of service, evacuating the riders. It is not clear how many of the doors opened between the two cars, he said. The cars will be tested.

The cars were 1000 series cars, the oldest model in the agency's fleet, which federal safety officials have warned about for years.

Doors opening on moving cars is a major concern as riders could fall out of the trains, exposed to the electrified third rail and moving trains. In July 2010, Metro pulled all of its 4000 series fleet from the system for a couple of weeks due to a fear of doors opening during service.  Metro officials at the time said no cars doors on the 100 rail cars had actually opened but they were taking it as a precautionary step because of the seriousness of such problems.

The transit agency notified its independent safety group, the Tri-State Oversight Committee, about Tuesday's problem,  Stessel said. The agency has about 290 of the 1000 series cars, representing a quarter of the system's fleet.

UPDATED, 1 p.m.:

However it is “too early to tell” if the agency will pull the rest of the 1000 series fleet from the system as a safety precaution, Stessel said. He said officials are still reviewing the incident. 

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