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  1. Not the best day for Robert Griffin III, who looked like, well, a rookie. Yes, he had some terrific moments – he threw a deep out to Terrence Austin for approximately 20 yards (Griffin had half-rolled to his right, throwing back left). And he threw a deep ball down the left side that Anthony Armstrong had go off his hands at the goal line (would have been a good catch). But overall Griffin showed that he still has work to do. He failed to see linebacker Keenan Robinson on one throw in the red zone; Griffin almost looked too relaxed on the play. On other plays it would be considered a positive, but his relaxation stemmed from the fact that he missed the linebacker.
  2. Griffin also was behind, and a little high, on a bootleg throw to Niles Paul in the left flat. Madieu Williams made a terrific break on the play, so give him credit for breaking it up. Another time Griffin threw a bullet from about 10 yards away to Paul; the ball ricocheted into the air (but was not picked off). Griffin also bounced a pass in the flat to tight end Logan Paulsen. Another pass was dropped by tight end Fred Davis. And in some cases the defensive backs did a good job covering on the bootlegs, a couple times taking away primary options for Griffin. He still made throws downfield in which only his receiver would have had a shot. The balls were overthrown, but his targets weren't open so it didn't matter.
  3. I did like Griffin’s patience on a corner route to Santana Moss in the end zone (beating some rookie DB’s). Griffin hesitated for a moment, letting Moss get free and tossed a touchdown pass. The DBs in the area, and behind the end zone, shouted at Moss that he was out of bounds. But Moss yelled back and pointed at them. All in good fun. Griffin also completed an out to Pierre Garcon against Reed Doughty. Ball got there in a hurry. So it wasn’t all bad for Griffin, who did hit Roy Helu in red zone work for two scores. It’s just that it was more of a mixed day than the previous time we saw him in the OTA session. Keep in mind that they’re still installing portions of the playbook so he’s going through many of these plays for the first time (or he’s only done it a few times).
  4. I also liked how Griffin, when in the pocket, scrambles up with his eyes still downfield. He really wouldn’t run until the last possible minute. Of course, on one of those scrambles he would have been sacked by blitzing safety Brandon Meriweather.
  5. Griffin knows the way to the linemen’s hearts: food.  “My family’s from New Orleans, I know how to cook beignets,” he said. “For every no-sack victory, they’ll get beignets and I think they’ll love those.”
  6. Griffin also got off this funny line, when asked if he was a teacher’s pet. “C’mon man,” he said. “I’m not a teacher’s pet. I didn’t bring [coach Mike Shanahan] any apples or anything.”

But he continued: “I make it a point to make sure I see coach every day and talk to him for at least five to 10 minutes. You’ve got to have that kind of relationship not only with your offensive coordinator, but with your head coach. So you guys are always on the same page.”

  1. The hard part will continue to be learning, and mastering, the offense. After two weeks of the Organized Team Activity sessions, Griffin said he knows at least 60 to 70 percent of the offense well. That’s not enough for him, though it must be pointed out: training camp is nearly two months away and there’s still more than three months before the season opener.
  2. “You can’t operate at 60 to 70 percent,” Griffin said. “You’ve got to operate at 150 percent with your offense because not only do you have to know it, but you have to know what to do in certain situations. That’s still to come.”
  3. However, Griffin said he’s noticed a difference in himself on the field. “I can actually go out on the field and look London Fletcher in the eyes and know that I’m about to go complete a pass on him,” he said. “Don’t tell him I said that.”

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