Redskins email report: Is Talib really available?

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Went with some random topics for this week's email report and started by taking a look at Tampa Bay corner Aqib Talib, a troubled but talented player. There have been reports that the Redskins would be interested in trading for Talib. But he has a court date at the end of the month that will dictate his future.

However, if he is found not guilty, there's no guarantee the Bucs would try to trade him. In fact, insiders in Tampa aren't sold he'll be going anywhere.

Another topic: some changes that have pleased members of the secondary. We know DeAngelo Hall is a big fan of Raheem Morris. But others have also said certain areas of coverage needed cleaning up. Apparently Morris brought a broom.

"I don’t know how we didn’t think of some of these things already," Hall said, "but Raheem [Morris] has brought in so many different ideas and schemes and ways to play things that we never really thought about. It’s definitely helping out.”

And one longtime NFL general manager had this to say about tight end Chris Cooley: "...he’s not special. I don’t pay a guy like that much. Right now he’s a $3 million a year guy. [But] I’d want him. This quarterback needs every weapon he can count on and he’ll be a favorite target because he’s so dependable."

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