Mitt ally: Mormons have extra dose of patriotism

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets


Those who know Republican Mitt Romney say he will hit the ground running if elected, and his Mormonism will give him an “extra dose” of patriotism to help.

“I think he’s going to be a very aggressive president,” said Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee. And for good reason, he added during a meeting with Washington Examiner reporters and editors. “He recognizes that we live in difficult times. The circumstances are pretty dire and  that swift action is needed,” said Lee, who predicted more White House-Congress interaction.

When quizzed if Romney’s religion or ties to conservative Utah will make him a different kind of president, Lee, also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said that Mormons like Romney have an optimistic view of the United States.

“Mormons sort of have an extra chromosome when it comes to American exceptionalism,” he said. “Mormons do have an added dose of a belief in American exceptionalism,” he said.

“We believe that this is a choice land that it’s a great place to be. We believe that the founding of America was something that was brought about with a degree of divine intervention and certainly inspiration,” said Lee, who added that all presidents arrive in the Oval Office with a heightened belief in the nation.