Christie heckles 'Occupy' protesters in Iowa

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie heckled a group of protesters at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Iowa on Wednesday, calling them immature and disillusioned for supporting President Obama. 

Christie had been speaking for about one minute to a crowd of roughly 200 at the Kum & Go headquarters in West Des Moines when a protester, who was standing a few feet from Christie, shouted, “mic check!”

More than a dozen people shouted back: “mic check!” 

“Chris Christie and Mitt Romney... serve the corporate one percent,” the protester continued, as others echoed his chant.  

A dozen-or-so protesters dispersed among the crowd then began chanting, “make Wall Street pay” and “put people first.”

Others in the crowd booed the hecklers while Christie chuckled and egged them on. 

“You are so angry, aren’t ya?” Christie badgered. “It’s so terrible... Oh work it out. Work it all out for yourselves. Work it all out for yourselves.”

It took Romney staffers roughly three minutes to remove all the protesters -- who were shouting and howling over Christie --  from the building. 

“You know what, we’re used to dealing with jokers like this in New Jersey all the time,” Christie said, as the protesters filed out. “So you guys go all out and chant and do what it is that you want to do.”

Once the room quieted and the protesters were locked outside, Christie resumed speaking and offered his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

“Here’s the way I feel about it: They represent an anger in our country that Barack Obama has caused,” he said, drawing cheers from the crowd. “He’s a typical cynical Chicago... politician who runs for office and promises everything and then comes to office and disappoints, and so their anger is rooted not in me or Mitt Romney, their anger is rooted in the fact that they believed in this hope and change garbage.”

Christie called them disillusioned and said he “feels bad” for them. 

“Now they are angry but they’re not mature enough to know they should be angry with themselves,” he said. 


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