Senate shutdown scramble

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SENATE SHUTDOWN SCRAMBLE - Senate Republicans head to the White House this morning in a bid to revive a short-term deal to raise the federal borrowing limit. Having closed the last three fiscal compromises, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will pitch the Senate strategy for lifting the credit cap and reopening the government as a gateway to broader budget talks. A House plan that would lift the debt limit but leave the government partially shuttered during further talks was met with pushback from the White House and from the Senate GOP. But markets and political strategists in both parties are breathing a bit easier now that full-fledged negotiations are underway.

[Republican public opinion think tank Resurgent Republic breaks down recent polling: “Obamacare remains a political albatross for Democrats, but a government shutdown has proven to be more toxic to voters.” ]

Bridge loan - Thursday’s meeting between House Republican leaders and President Obama didn’t result in a deal, but did show signs of progress on the fiscal impasse. Obama, forced Thursday to sign a House-passed bill restoring death benefits for military families, looks ready to accept a short-term deal that would act as a bridge to negotiations on a larger agreement. Senate Republicans are venting about the House proposal to skip the debt fight for now but keep the shutdown going. The Senate proposal for a larger deal would reportedly include a full-year of federal funding, a six-month debt-limit lift and minor changes to ObamaCare, including the end of a new tax on medical devices.

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