Dems reveal 2014 strategy: Smash and grab

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• Dems reveal 2014 strategy: Smash and grab
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DEMS REVEAL 2014 STRATEGY: SMASH AND GRAB - The Obama administration will delay by one month next year’s ObamaCare enrollment period, pushing what promises to be broader and even more painful disruptions to existing policies past midterm elections. With Democrats poised to lose control of the Senate, this could be a very big deal. With new regulations set to ban more policies and the prospect of millions of Americans being dumped from their employer-based health insurance, next fall promises to be a painful season for ObamaCare implementation. But by delaying the start of the enrollment season, the White House may be able to push some of the outrage past Election Day and perhaps spare vulnerable Democrats. With massive disruptions and exploding premiums for existing policy holders expected, a Nov. 1 start date will come just four days ahead of voting and long after many citizens have gone to the polls to cast early ballots. Fox News has more.Bloomberg broke the story and has details.

[“The death of this law would be for health insurance companies to price policies for 2015 in a way that premiums skyrocket.” – Ana Gupte, a health-industry analyst, talking to Bloomberg.]

Nuke it - The move by Senate Democrats to dump nearly 225 years of precedent and end the 60-vote threshold for presidential appointments for every post other than Supreme Court justice will give President Obama a historic opportunity to ram through his nominees. Aside from lifetime federal judgeships, Obama now has the chance to replace troubled cabinet officials (Kathleen Sebelius, you have a call on line one) or install nominees previously rejected as ideologically extreme or ethically challenged. He can do it all without worrying about Republicans and can even lose as many as five moderate Democrats.

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