He’s got a pen, but it ain’t so mighty

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Have you heard? President Obama is raising the minimum wage this morning by executive order. He’s got a pen! It’s a year of action! He won’t wait for Congress! Well, kinda… In an effort to show executive relevancy and tout his remaining clout ahead of what promises to be a highly partisan State of the Union address, Obama will sign an order this morning directing federal agencies to give contracts only to those firms that pay workers a minimum of $10.10 per hour instead of the $7.25 minimum wage. But… The move applies only to employees of firms seeking new contracts. Existing wages for current contractors can even be extended if the other terms of the contract haven’t substantially changed. So how many people are really going to get a boost from Obama’s pen? Team Obama provided no estimates, but waste watchers say that relatively few of the approximately 2 million workers servicing federal contracts are earning under $10.10 per hour anyway.

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Man in the mirror - FromRon Fournier: A Pen, a Phone, and a Flailing President -  “Obama is right. Polls show the public is growing weary of him, which is a shame because he’s still got three years in office. There are big problems to solve, starting with the lack of social and economic mobility. But that’s the point. If it’s so hard to put a finger on the problem, if the White House seems to ricochet from one slogan to another, lurching from strategy to strategy and consumed by tactics and excuses, maybe the problem is … the man himself. If so, the only question that matters is, can Obama change?”

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