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It is not surprising that Jason Curtis lives in The Belvedere. “I’m a lover of old boutique hotels,” said the 38-year-old native of Carmel, Ind.

If his two-bedroom, two-bath condominium at the historic building in Mount Vernon has the feel of an upscale hotel suite, he readily admits it’s the influence of his years in the hotel industry around luxury accommodations.

Landing a position as manager of the Peabody Hotel brought him to Baltimore in 2001. He later moved to his current post as general manager of the Springhill Suites by Marriott downtown.

Updating his new home meant swapping out the decades-old pink-and-mauve palette that greeted him as a new owner. Making changes meant calling in an expert, Curtis said. “I think I have good taste, but I’m not the best at putting it all together.”

Curtis turned to Robert Mixon, a friend and designer in Atlanta, to help him do an upscale update. The pink carpet gave way to neutral travertine tile flooring, and the walls went neutral. In the kitchen, cabinets were updated simply by changing the pulls. The travertine subway tile backsplash complements the black-and-gold granite countertops.

Shopping trips to furniture stores in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. helped inspire the room-balancing argyle-patterned barrel chairs and 7-foot gold and claret brocade damask sofa by the Scalamandre design house. Cushions on the sofa tie in the chair’s pattern. All were custom-made at prices surprisingly competitive with retail, Jason said. “I wanted something elegant but casual.”

Window treatments are floor-to-ceiling silk maroon drapery panels. A framed nude torso sketch, two 19th-century portraits and three large Tibetan sculptures of women dominate the walls and contribute to an eclecticism that inspires mirth.

Throughout the space, flat stacks of books turned 45 degrees on tables and in the bookcase supply sudden snaps of interest, notice of which prompts Curtis to joyfully acknowledge something else about himself. “I really like angles,” he said.

Jason Curtis’ Style
STYLE PHILOSOPHY: Eclecticism grounded with traditional elements.

STYLE SECRETS: Juxtaposing beautiful things in a cohesive scheme. The more opposite things are the more they stand out; modern travertine floors thrown in with Tibetan wall carvings, formal draperies, etc.

GOT STYLE FROM: I am very accustomed to upscale surroundings from having worked in upscale luxury hotels and when I come home after work I want it to feel just as luxurious. My interior designer, Robert Mixon of Atlanta, mixed comfort with style to help create that space for me.

COMFORT VS. STYLE: You don’t have to be uncomfortable to have good style. They both work hand in hand. One complements the other.

COLOR VS. TEXTURE: You can’t do color without texture or texture without color.

FAVORITE COLOR: Haystack with Claret

WHAT DOES COLOR SAY TO YOU?: I am bold and aggressive!
MUST-HAVES IN YOUR HOUSE: Tibetan temple carvings found in an antique store in Washington D.C.

MOST BELOVED OBJECT: I really love my entire place. It is just so relaxing and comfortable to come home to and unwind or entertain friends.


I WOULD NEVER: Live in an interior that is uncomfortable.

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Robert Mixon Design; Louis Vuitton
MOST UNUSUAL THING ABOUT ME: I brought my designer and other contractors in from Atlanta, Ga.

HOT TIP: Don’t not do it because your friends don’t like it. It’s your place. Do what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.
LIFE ADVICE: Taking on a renovation in a high-rise building is not for the weak of heart. It takes a lot of planning.
WORDS TO GROW BY: “All I Really Need To Know I learned in Kindergarten” a book by Robert Fulghum
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