Bob Kemper

Assistant Managing Editor/News

Bob Kemper is an assistant managing editor for the Washington Examiner. He is a former Washington correspondent for The Chicago Tribune and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Articles by Bob Kemper

  • Talking Points: Lifestyle, the 'flu tax' and the Skakel case

    Bob Kemper | APRIL 25, 2013 AT 7:35 PM

    Is there a place where life is less stressful? Residents of Hawaii are the least stressed people in the U.S., a Gallup poll shows. Only 32 percent said they feel stressed on any give day last... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | JANUARY 29, 2013 AT 6:10 PM

    When is a nickel worth $2.5 million? A 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of only five known to exist, is expected to bring $2.5 million to its Virginia owners when it is auctioned off in Chicago... Read More…

  • Talking Points: Women and the draft, wildfires, durable goods

    | JANUARY 28, 2013 AT 7:10 PM

    For what crime did a California judge on Monday issue a death sentence? Following a jury's recommendation, a judge ruled Monday that Rickie Lee Fowler, 31, should be executed for starting a... Read More…

  • Talking Points: Starbucks in Vietnam, Martian rocks, and Al-Jazeera buys Current TV

    | JANUARY 3, 2013 AT 8:20 PM

    Why does Starbucks want to open stores in Vietnam? The java giant will open its first coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City next month as part of its Asian expansion. But Starbucks already has ties... Read More…

  • Talking Points: Redskins rivalry, Ben Affleck, 'Come Together'

    | DECEMBER 27, 2012 AT 7:15 PM

    How often have the Redskins beaten the Cowboys? The NFL rivals will be meeting for the 105th time when they play in Washington Sunday. The matchup, which Sports Illustrated once dubbed "one... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | NOVEMBER 27, 2012 AT 4:10 PM

    What is "swatting"? The term applies to a new pranking trend that targets celebrities around Los Angeles. Pranksters call police to falsely report that a major crime is underway at some star's... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | NOVEMBER 2, 2012 AT 8:10 PM

    Will the weather affect who becomes president? A 2007 study published in the Journal of Politics showed that rain "significantly reduces voter participation" in elections. An inch of rain can... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | NOVEMBER 1, 2012 AT 5:30 PM

    Why is Texas threatening to arrest international election monitors? The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has monitored U.S. elections for the past 10 years to ensure they... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | OCTOBER 30, 2012 AT 3:25 PM

    What songs are on President Obama's iPod? Asked about that in an interview with Cincinnati radio station WIZF this week, the president said he carries a "pretty good mix" of tunes with him.... Read More…

  • Talking Points

    | OCTOBER 25, 2012 AT 7:35 PM

    The United States had more unprovoked shark attacks (29) than any other country in 2011. Florida had more (11) than any other state. And Volusia County had the most (3) in Florida, according... Read More…

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