AZ Gov. Brewer on Secy. Napolitano

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I interviewed Gov. Jan Brewer on the floor of the convention. (The AZ delegation is where you enter the floor when you get a floor pass.) Did she like the platform’s immigration plank? She said we have to mantain border security and the rule of law. “With Gov. Romney, he will actually sit down with the governors and work on border security.” Has she done that with the current president? She laughs. The flow of immigrants into Arizona, she admits, is much less reduced, but Arizona is still faced with both immigrants seeking work and with the drug cartels and all the problems they bring. “It’s costing $1.7 billion for schools, prisons and health care in a budget of $8.3 billion.”

What’s her relationship with her predecessor as governor, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano? Another laugh. “Zip.”

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