Bam! Rachel Maddow out-Foxes Megyn Kelly where it counts: 25-54 demo

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Liberal bomb-thrower Rachel Maddow, star of her own show on MSNBC, deserves a round of applause for scoring a knockdown punch at rival Fox News. Ditto for Chris Matthews and his show "Hardball".

MSNBC reveals that "The Rachel Maddow" Show beat Megyn Kelly’s show "The Kelly File" last week among the key advertising demographic, those aged 25-54. She finished the week with 325,000 viewers in that range, while Kelly attracted 305,000.

Kelly still won among total viewers by a mile, 2,156,000 viewers to Maddow’s 1,034,000.

Matthews, frequently a target of Secrets' Mainstream Media Scream, ranted his way to a tie among the 25-54 group with Fox's "On the Record."

Credit New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's traffic mess for MSNBC's ratings boom.

Fox is still king of the hill, however, which is why MSNBC makes a big deal of these wins.



MSNBC Weekday Primetime Tops Fox News Channel on Two Nights Last Week

“Hardball” with Chris Matthews at 7 PM Ties for #1 Among A25-54 For the Week

NEW YORK – January 13, 2014 – MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” marked a big victory in the key A25-54 demo, ranking #1 at 9 p.m. among cable news networks for the week of January 6, according to data from Nielsen. Maddow finished the week with 325,000 among A25-54, topping Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” (305,000) and CNN’s 9 p.m. programming (159,000). This was “The Rachel Maddow Show’s” best week since April 15, 2013 (Boston marathon bombing).

MSNBC’s weekday primetime (M-F 8p – 11p) had a strong overall performance, beating Fox News and CNN to rank #1 on both Thursday, Jan. 9 (with 348,000 vs FNC’s 311,000) and Friday, Jan. 10 (276,000 vs. FNC’s 266,000) among A25-54. For the week, MSNBC weekday primetime had 271,000 among A25-54, only 7% behind FNC’s 319,000 A25-54 weekly average. CNN weekday primetime was a distant third with 149,000 A25-54. This was MSNBC’s best weekday primetime performance since week of April 15, 2013.

“Hardball” with Chris Matthews at 7 p.m. also had a strong week with 241,000, tied for #1 with Fox News Channel’s “On the Record” among A25-54. “All In” with Chris Hayes at 8 p.m. had the program’s second best week ever with 261,000 A25-54 (best week was April 15, 2013). “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell at 10 p.m. beat Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” two nights last week – on Wednesday, Jan. 8 ( 283,000 vs. Hannity 282,000) and Thursday, Jan. 9 (332,000 vs. Hannity’s 271,000).

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