Band of Brothers' McDonough: Romney 'pretty amazing'

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Add acclaimed character acter Neal McDonough, a star of the 2001 HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers" and the current FX hit "Justified" to the Mitt Romney team.

"I think he would do a pretty amazing job as president and so I think he would to a wonderful, wonderful job," McDonough said Friday on America's Morning News, the nationally syndicated radio show.

In an interview with John McCaslin, McDonough talked about being a rare Republican in Hollywood and maybe worse, a Republican growing up in a Massachusetts Democratic family. "It's almost coming out of the closet," he said of revealing his party affiliation.

The actor said he doesn't talk about politics much, but opened up to McCaslin about Romney who was a one-term Massachusetts governor. "He did a pretty amazing job in Massachusetts," said McDonough.