Bangladesh Factory Owner To Plead Innocent In Deadly Blaze Case

wochit news
December 23, 2013 AT 6:44 AM
The owner of a Bangladesh garment factory that was destroyed in a deadly fire last year said on Dec. 23 he was "saddened and astonished" that he had been charged with culpable homicide for the death of 112 workers and would plead innocent in court. The police on Sunday laid charges against Delwar Hossain, his wife and 11 employees of Tazreen Fashions, a rare step in a country where critics complain that powerful garment industry bosses too often avoid blame for the many factory accidents. Many of those who died in the blaze at the multi-storey building on the outskirts of Dhaka in November 2012 perished because supervisors ordered workers back to their stations even as an alarm rang and smoke rose through an internal staircase.