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Let's not panic. We all know that Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Wonder bread and the rest of Hostess Brands' oddly everlasting foods aren't going away any time soon. Yes, Hostess is shutting down, and odds seem to favor the roughly century-old company disappearing from our corporate landscape. But before you rush out to stockpile a strategic Twinkie reserve, consider a few things. Namely, that Twinkies never die. You know full well that the snack cakes down at your corner 7-Eleven are going to outlive us all. By AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch.

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Guy Fieri may not realize it, but being ravaged by a New York Times restaurant reviewer might have been the best thing that could have happened to him. Sure, the Food Network celebrity probably laments the lashings Pete Wells doled out this week to his 500-seat Times Square ode to down home grub, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar. And he might have taken it personally when Wells said the restaurant's roasted pork bahn mi resembles the authentic Vietnamese sandwich "about as much as you resemble Emily Dickinson." By J.M. Hirsch.

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NEW YORK — First, Big Bird became an unwitting player in a presidential debate that argued for clipping his wings. Then came word that the actor who plays Elmo would take a leave of absence amid an allegation that he had had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy — an accusation that was withdrawn the next day. By Frazier Moore.

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NEW YORK — After almost two years of ups, downs and more than a little bit of drama, could it be one big happy family at Christian Dior now, with Raf Simons sitting at the head of the table? If it is, credit probably goes to his happy roots in Belgium, where the 44-year-old, an only child, was surrounded by a large extended family.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Something new is in the stars for the Michelin Guide; the famous French restaurant reviewing institution is getting an American accent. Colorado-born Michael Ellis this year took over as head of the guides, becoming the first U.S.-born (and first non-Frenchman) to head the Michelin Guide. By Michelle Locke.

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LOS ANGELES — Very soon, Cesar Millan will have a new television show, a book, a tour, a documentary, and — if she says yes — a fiancee. The year is ending on a high note for TV's so-called "Dog Whisperer" as Millan bounces back from depression and a suicide attempt in May 2010 that left him unconscious and hospitalized. By Sue Manning.

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NEW YORK — Superstorm Sandy drove New York and New Jersey residents from their homes, destroyed belongings and forced them to find shelter for themselves — and for their pets, said owners, who recounted tales of a dog swimming through flooded streets and extra food left behind for a tarantula no one was willing to take in. By Verena Dobnik.

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NEW YORK — Even people without coffee tables enjoy coffee table books as gifts, especially if they're thoughtfully chosen rather than hastily snatched from a store shelf at the last minute. The holidays bring fresh choices every year among large-format, photo-driven books. By Leanne Italie.

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Something small is afoot. Backyard cottages — from 800-square-foot bungalows to Lilliputian studio cabins — are springing up behind houses in many cities, which have changed zoning laws to accommodate them. Some homeowners choose to build them for aging parents or grown children. "Backyard cottages increase density in a nice way," says Bruce Parker, principal of the Seattle-based design collective Microhouse. "They use existing infrastructure and ... they're inherently sustainable." By Cedar Burnett.

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For this year's 12 days of holiday cookies, the AP test kitchen drew inspiration from the spice cabinet. The result is a delicious dozen of warm, spicy cookies that will fill your home seasonal joy.

BC-Food-Holiday Cookies-Ginger. AP Photos

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BC-Food-Holiday Cookies-Allspice. AP Photos

BC-Food-Holiday Cookies-Nutmeg. AP Photos

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BC-Food-Holiday Cookies-Black Pepper. AP Photos

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BC-Food-Holiday Cookies-Fennel. AP Photos

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We all like travel once we reach our destination. It's getting there that's such a hassle. This holiday season, why not give the gifts of comfort and convenience and make the journey a little more pleasant for the travelers in your life? By Beth J. Harpaz

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NEW YORK — One man's Hello Kitty is another's Felix the Cat. A who's who of the giant balloons planned for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. By Samantha Critchell.

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NEW YORK — The fashion world seems to be figuring out the difference between youth and youthful. The clothes of this season aren't taking their cues from club kids, college students or teenage rebels. There's something grown-up about some of the most popular looks — they're a little refined and very wearable — but they've avoided being stodgy or, worse, just plain old. By Samantha Critchell.

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Even if you avoid baking all year long, there's a very good chance the allure of the holidays will seduce you into having a go at a batch of cookies. And why not? It's sweet food for a sweet season. Of course, the cookie season can be hazardous to your waistline. If possible, it's best to keep in mind Julia Child's motto: Everything in moderation. Go ahead and savor those cookies, just don't be a monster about it. By Sara Moulton.

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Nothing says "Yum!" like a bit of nomenclatural confusion... Especially with a side of near extinction. But that's what you get once you venture down the culinary path with bison, an alternative red meat that is showing up at more and more grocers nationwide. And these massive shaggy creatures are such a delicious — and good for us — meat, it's worth sorting it all out. By AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch.

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Recipe for seared bison with sage and gnocchi

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Snap, Crackle and Pop are proud to be loud at the breakfast table, but do they fizzle or sizzle in the cereal bowl? And what about in that most ubiquitous of bake sale items — Rice Krispies bars? Like so many popular breakfast cereals, Kellogg's Rice Krispies have spawned numerous knockoffs, from gluten-free variants to cocoa-infused crackles. Which got us wondering: Is the mother brand — long pimped by those impish elves named for the noises made by their cereal — still the best choice when filling your bowl and making those bars? By AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch.

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You can keep your decorated, stained glass, death-by-chocolate, triple-dunked biscotti bombs, or whatever this holiday season's must-bake cookie will be. Any time of year — and especially this time of year — I'll take the delicious simplicity and vanilla-ness (no, probably not a real word) of a chewy, soft and sweet snickerdoodle over just about any fancy, overwrought confection. Even better is to pair that simple, underappreciated cookie with the most perfect of holiday beverages — eggnog. By AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch.

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Crafts don't have to be complicated. With the holiday season ahead, an easy, enjoyable craft covers many gifting bases. What could be more fun than experimenting with a simple tie-dye? And a few DIY sources have taken tie-dye up a notch — away from the explosions of primary colors seen on camp T-shirts into a more elegant realm that's perfect for gift giving. By Jennifer Forker.

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Fall planting is in full swing. As you nestle tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses into the soil, don't neglect to also plant some minor bulbs — "minor" only because they are not well known, not because they lack quality. By Lee Reich.

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Fun Farmhouse

For use Sunday, Nov. 18, and thereafter.

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NEW ORLEANS — With the Super Bowl less than three months away, New Orleans is rushing to lay streetcar tracks through one of its busiest corridors to connect by trolley the Louisiana Superdome — where the big game will be played Feb. 3 — and the French Quarter. At the same time, developers view the new streetcar as crucial in plans to spark a downtown renaissance where one of the city's most vibrant jazz districts has been replaced by parking lots and high rise buildings. By Cain Burdeau

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Perched above the shallow turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay are shacks on stilts that have hosted some of Florida's wildest parties, from the days when alcohol and gambling were outlawed, to a bachelor party for a member of the Kennedy clan. Seven homes still stand in Stiltsville, as the community is called, located about a mile out in the Biscayne channel, just a short boat ride or kayak trip from the Key Biscayne coastline. By Suzette Laboy.

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DALLAS — When the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science opens, visitors will be able to feel the ground shake underneath them in an exhibit that simulates an earthquake, race against a virtual Tyrannosaurus Rex and see dinosaur fossils. The museum named for former presidential candidate Ross Perot and his wife, Margot, is set to open Dec. 1. By Jamie Stengle.

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TORONTO — Toronto is the biggest city in Canada but in addition to its sophisticated, metropolitan side, the city has a number of charming attractions that are free, from a street that claims to be the longest in the world, to interesting markets and neighborhoods. By Charmaine Noronha

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DENVER — A look at what's coming up this winter on the slopes in Colorado. By Catherine Tsai

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