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BEIJING — China's Communist Party is bringing its pivotal conclave to a close in largely choreographed steps a day before unveiling its leaders for the coming decade. President Hu Jintao is expected to step down as party chief in favor of the anointed successor, Vice President Xi Jinping, in what would be only the second orderly transfer of power in 63 years of communist rule. The new leaders of the world's second-largest economy will face slowing growth, rising unrest among increasing assertive citizens and delicate relations with neighboring countries. Moved. By Gillian Wong. AP Photos.


KABUL, Afghanistan — At the international military headquarters in Kabul, it's jokingly being called the curse of the commander's job. The last four U.S. generals to run the Afghan war were either forced to resign or saw their careers tainted by allegations of wrongdoing. Moved. By Deb Riechmann. AP Photos.



SYDNEY — From boats bobbing on the Great Barrier Reef, to hot air balloons hovering over the rainforest, and the hilltops and beaches in between, tens of thousands of scientists, tourists and amateur astronomers watch as the sun, moon and Earth align and plunge northern Australia into darkness during a total solar eclipse. Moved. By Kristen Gelineau. AP Photos.



BANGKOK — Asian stock markets edge higher as the threat of an imminent meltdown in debt-swamped Greece appears to recede. By 0330 GMT. By Pamela Sampson.



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