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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Ken Behrendt had already had his fill of the hidden costs of offshoring, but the Eagle Creek Software Services chief executive was having trouble finding enough qualified consultants to expand the company's development and technical support business in the Dakotas. So the Minnesota-based firm turned to the University of South Dakota to help home-grow new tech talent through a customized four-course certificate. By Dirk Lammers.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The recent discovery of three Triceratops fossils in Wyoming could include the most complete skeleton of the three-horned dinosaur to date. The South Dakota-based Black Hills Institute of Geological Research and the Naturalis Biodiversity Center from the Netherlands are excavating the remains of the Triceratops and the left foot and leg of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A new South Dakota program is helping renters understand their rights and responsibilities when leasing property. The South Dakota Multi-Housing Association launched the "RentSmart" program this spring and has presented it to a few groups in Sioux Falls.


PIERRE, S.D. — He's not the first public figure ever to be batted around by fickle constituents like a ball of yarn. But the courthouse cat from Stanley County, who walked by himself and did as he pleased, holding office wherever the sunlight was best, might have expected better things from his public. That crew at the courthouse had named him Stanley, after all. Yet somehow the stray black cat that had adopted the courthouse in Fort Pierre as home when he was just a kitten had crossed the wrong person's path. He provoked allergic reactions - somewhat severe reactions, reported the Capital Journal ( ) - among some county employees and the public. The Stanley County Commission passed a motion about the cat in late September 2012 to tell courthouse custodian Rick Sass to take the cat home "for allergy reasons." By Lance Nixon, Capital Journal.

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DEADWOOD, S.D. — Michael Joyce is in the business of making something out of nothing. Well, that's what you might say if you don't know the details. You see, Joyce is in the 3-D printing business; he's one of an ever-growing phalanx of techies around the world building fantastical machines with the ability to "print" an image from a computer screen into physical existence. It may sound like magic, but it's not making something out of nothing. These devices manufacture three-dimensional objects by "slicing" 3-D CAD-type models into a series of minute layers, encoding that information and using it to reorganize raw materials, like plastic or resin, into a tangible version of the model. It's not alchemy; it's engineering - engineering with potential to drastically change day-to-day life in the 21st century. Joyce, a 51-year-old entrepreneur, has been building 3-D printers of his own design, affectionately referred to as the "B9 Creator," for several months in the basement of his home at the end of a gravel road outside Deadwood. His printer is special; it's one of the most affordable high-quality, high-resolution 3-D printers of its kind - you could even call it futuristic.  But before Joyce was building the future in his basement he was rebuilding the past, reported the Black Hills Pioneer ( ). More specifically, he was putting together officially licensed, detailed, full-scale replicas of the lovable, eternally paranoid robot from the '60s hit TV show "Lost in Space." They sold well all over the world. But in November of 2011, our man realized it was time to focus his energy on something new. By Adam Hurlburt, Black Hills Pioneer.

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— CRAZY HORSE HIKE — More than 4,000 people hiked to the top of the Crazy Horse Memorial on the first day of this year's annual Volksmarch at the huge mountain carving in the Black Hills.

— STANDOFF ARREST — A man has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after a weekend standoff with Sioux Falls police in South Dakota's largest city.

— WIND CAVE-RECORD VISITATION — Wind Cave National Park officials say a cool and blustery Memorial Day weekend caused the park to see a record number of visitors for that holiday period.

— BADLANDS-BISON MEETING — Staff at Badlands National Park will be holding two meetings in western South Dakota on the park's proposed bison management plan.

— ICY RIVER-SWEPT AWAY-PICNIC — A memorial walk and picnic are being held this coming weekend at Falls Park in Sioux Falls to honor a man who drowned while trying to save a young boy.



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