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Calling your attention to BITE MARK EVIDENCE, an AP Impact story that has been sent in advance for use in newspapers of Monday, June 17, and thereafter.


At least 24 men convicted or charged with murder or rape based on bite marks on the flesh of victims have been exonerated since 2000, many after spending more than a decade in prison. Now a judge's ruling later this month in New York could help end the practice for good. A small, mostly ungoverned group of dentists carry out bite mark analysis and their findings are often key evidence in prosecutions, even though there is no scientific proof that teeth can be matched definitively to a bite into human skin. DNA has outstripped the usefulness of bite mark analysis in many cases: The FBI doesn't use it and the American Dental Association does not recognize it. Says one critic: "Bite mark evidence is the poster child of unreliable forensic science." By Amanda Lee Myers. AP photos.


— BITE MARK EVIDENCE-GLANCE — Some notable cases of bite mark evidence gone awry.

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