Bear captured in S. Valley New Mexico
August 15, 2011 AT 7:45 PM
today.... a malnourished bear far from home, desperately searching for food. bernalillo county deputies had a busy morning... they were chasing a small black bear wandering through south valley neighborhoods. . sharon erickson joins is live near old coors and central with details on the bear's capture. sharon? antoinette... the little bear was spotted looking for food and water, a long way from home. he was caught just over this hill earlier today without any struggle... but not before he caused quite a commotion with residents who were surprised to minute thumbnail 12:00 pm see the little guy so far from home. this little black bear was caught wandering in the "triple m auto parts repair lot" around seven this morning. "i was actuallpretty surprised that he was down in here so far. i've never heard of one being this far in." at first, game and fish thought this small 50-pound bear was a cub... but it's actually a yearling-- and should weigh about twice as much. "i can only imagine how hard it is for them to get food." they dry conditions and the lack of food and water are most likely to blame for the 50-pound bear being in city limits. he was first spotted near central and 98th around four this morning. before game and fish officers caught up with him... and shot him with a tranquilizer dart. "we've had balloon landings in the backyard and stuff, but nothing this extraordinary." the black bear was taken to the wildlife center in espanola... where he'll stay for a few months to get fattened up. then, if all goes well, he'll be released back into the wild. game and fish says the bear most likely came from the mount minute thumbnail 12:01 pm taylor area searching for food. because of the dry conditions... the espanola wildlife center is now taking care of about 20 bears ... and they need your help. if you'd like to make donations, visit our website, kob dot com and click on 4 links for more information. sharon erickson. kob eyewitness news 4. this is the second bear captured by game and fish in the last 24 hours. a female adult bear was captured late last night... digging through trash in the sandia knolls neighborhood. but it was put down -- because it had already been tagged previously and showed no fear of humans.