Ben Affleck totally pumped for veep debate

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You can tell how passionate Ben Affleck is about politics just by hearing his reaction to talk of the vice presidential debate. "This one feels like it's going to be spectacular, I feel like it could be like the WWE, you know what I mean?" Affleck said on the "Argo" red carpet in Washington on the eve of the vice presidential debate. "I've got a great feeling about this debate, I think there's going to be some great theater, some great one-liners." He also said he hoped it was more interesting than some of the debates of yore. "Nothing could have been more boring than the -- remember like Lieberman/Cheney? When they just sat there patting each other on the back the whole time?"

Affleck was in town promoting "Argo," a movie he both directed and starred in, about six Americans who escaped during the Iran Hostage Crisis and sought refuge with the Canadian Ambassador. They were extracted by Affleck's character, a CIA operative, who had the Americans pretend to be a Canadian film crew looking for locations to shoot a Middle Eastern sci-fi movie.

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