Joe Biden will face pro-gun questioners at Facebook town hall

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Parents Magazine is hosting a Facebook “town hall” event with Vice President Joe Biden this afternoon on gun control, and urged people to leave their questions for Biden in a comment on its page.

But if the magazine and the White House expect the town hall to give Biden a platform to wax eloquent to like-minded questioners, they’re in for a surprise.

The magazine wrote, “Submit your questions for the Vice President about reducing gun violence on our wall or as a comment on this post.”

But of more than 112 comments on Parent Magazine’s post, the majority oppose the administration’s push for strict gun laws. Some questions focus on the need for self-defense, while others ask what the White House will do about mental illness, which was behind several recent mass shootings.

“Everyone seems to be focused on how to destroy the 2nd amendment in order to reduce or eliminate gun violence,” one questioner wrote. “Why is it no one ever talks about the number of crimes prevented or lives saved because a gun was used in the defense of life by an average American?? It is estimated that up to 2-million crimes are thwarted every year in America because an armed citizen was present.”

“As a parent, it does concern me that the mentally ill are targeting innocent children,” another asked. “I don’t, however, agree that changing gun laws will make a difference. If a person wants to kill, they will kill regardless of laws. The NRA proposed armed guards to be placed in schools, if we have a target on our children I feel this makes perfect sense. Can we please look into this instead of thinking of laws that the mentally ill are just going to break?”

Biden will answer questions in a live video chat at 3:30 today. You can watch it here.

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