Big East move doesn't really make Waves

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The domino effect of college conference realignment is running out of pieces to knock down. But there's no sign of it stopping until they're all flat, with Tulane and East Carolina jumping to the Big East to help fill the void left by already gone Rutgers and the expected ACC departure of Louisville or Connecticut.

That overwhelming response you hear is, well, mostly indifference. The Big East raid of Conference USA was already well underway, and at last check, the latter didn't and still doesn't command anywhere near the same kind of national audience.

If there was a football program to get from Louisiana, it's the one in Baton Rouge, not New Orleans. If there was one to get in North Carolina, it's in Chapel Hill, not Greenville.

Maryland's bolt for the Big Ten set the latest round of realignment in motion, and it was a bold if unpopular move. But the ACC was still in a far more attractive position than the Big East, whose core members would surprise no one if they weren't enthusiastic about the league's latest nondescript additions.

- Craig Stouffer

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