Big Government strikes in NYC: Hotels win, consumers and small businesses lose

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AirBnB is a service that allows you to rent out a spare room in your apartment or home. In other words, it’s a startup competitor to established hotels. So, naturally, the hotel industry has supported the government in cracking down on AirBnB.

And industry has won.

Via Fast Company:

Officials in New York have determined that AirBnB is illegal, despite efforts by the online firm to persuade the city otherwise. The law violated is the illegal hotel law, which prevents residents from renting out their property for less than 29 days. According to CNET, the law originally meant to prevent landlords from turning residential properties into hotels.

Crains New York reported earlier this month:

Legal hotels must meet higher staffing and safety standards. The Hotel Association of New York said it supports laws that “protect travelers in the way they deserve to be protected and does not support any efforts to overturn” those laws.

Put AirBnB in the same category as food trucks and Uber: innovative  tech-based startups that create economic opportunity for individuals, and expand choice for consumers, but threaten incumbent businesses — and ultimately get curbed by regulation.

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