BlackBerry's Latest Open Letter

wochit technology
December 03, 2013 AT 5:49 AM
BlackBerry’s interim CEO John Chen has followed in the steps of previous incumbent Thorsten Heins by writing an open letter reassuring their Enterprise customers of an ongoing commitment to the BlackBerry infrastructure and their activities in the mobile enterprise management department. Assuming that Chen is following a strategy discussed with the board, it indicates where BlackBerry will focus their efforts in 2014 and beyond, after their fall from grace in the personal smartphone market. The letter also stresses that BlackBerry’s services are multi-platform, which in a world where ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is the norm, rather than the exception, is a vital message to impart to the buyers. As the competition move in to try and grab new customers worried about their reliance on BlackBerry, this letter is a move to stabilize the ship and reassure the user base.