BMW i3 Sound Design

AutoMoto TV
April 25, 2014 AT 9:16 AM
Sound Designer composing. Statement Sound Designer Yeah, so we’re currently developing the warning sounds or the auditory notices for the cars for messages from the car to the driver. So this can be like a warning, like: put on your seatbelt. Or it can be something more discreet like: Hey, I like to show you something, so please look on this display what I want to tell you. And these sounds are developed specifically for these cars. So another brand might sound different, but in this case we want for example to create sounds that are very modern but not in a cold modern way not in a distant way, but in a very warm way.Motorsound Settings; diverse settings. Statement Sound Designer If the sound fits with the visuals and with the character of the car, the total package, I think, gets added value. On the outside it’s a whole different area, because that allows us to shape the soundscape of traffic in the future. So this is a totally different area, where we can actually decide what do we want the streets to sound like.Drive simulation with sound; diverse settings. Group listening to the i3 sound and discuss.