Bono: Bill Clinton ‘more of a rock star than I will ever be’

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During a speech to Georgetown University last night, Rock star Bono explained to the crowd that Clinton was “more of a rock star than I will ever be.”

“If Bill Clinton was here at his Alma Mater, I would just get him to make the speech,” Bono said with a laugh. “I would just get the Secretary of Explaining Stuff, because he is just more of a rock star than I would ever be.”

Bono went on to do a Bill Clinton impression which drew laughter and applause from the crowd.

Bono explained earlier in the evening, that if George W. Bush was there, he would have “Matt Damon kiss him on the mouth” because of his work to deliver aid to Africa.

“I would just give him a more Irish macho kind of hand shake thing,” he added.

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