Boy sets record as youngest balloon pilot to solo New Mexico
June 04, 2011 AT 10:15 PM
a 9-year-old boy makes history as the youngest balloonist to ever fly by himself. we were there this morning as he took off from the tome area. eddie garcia brings us the story. bobby says he came up with the idea to fly alone when he was only 7 years old -- now after two years of hard work and preparation - he is finally realizing his lofty goal. the moment has arrived for young bobby bradley to make history - something he's been looking forward to for as long as he can remember. i just want to solo in a hot air balloon and i just happen to be nine. bobby comes from a long line of balloonists. he's the son of well known albuquerque balloonists troy and tami braey. today he's wearing his grandfather's jacket to inspire him. friends, family and fans greet him at the tome launch site to see him off - his proud papa by his side. i soloed when i was 14 and that's usually the youngest that most people will solo so he got it in years younger than most people would ever do it. it's pretty incredible. and then - after all his hard work and years of training - he's off. the youngest hot air balloon pilot to fly by himself. other balloonists take to the skys too to give him company during the 25 minute ride. the landing was perfect. it was amazing, it was the best feeling ever. a feeling no one can ever take from bobby - no matter what anyone says. none of the record books recognize the youngest pilot. i know i did it - either way at nine i soloed a hot air balloon and i don't think anyone younger has done it. guinness is not considering this a world record because the feat is based on age. still -- bobby is being recognized by world-wide media as doing something amazing this morning.