Brody Jenner spends day at the beach
June 09, 2008 AT 1:15 PM
MAUI, HAWAII, Thursday June 5, 2008. Reality star Brody Jenner spends the day at the beach with his girlfriend Cora, his Mom Linda, his brother Brandon and Brandon's fiance Leah during a family holiday in Hawaii. The group enjoyed snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and Brody claimed to have seen the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Brody was joined by his girlfriend, model Cora Skinner who was looking gorgeous in a white bikini. Brandon was with his beautiful blonde fiancee Leah Felder who wore a striped bikini. They spent about an hour swimming, chatting and sunbathing before heading back to their hotel. When asked if they had seen the famed and protected Hawaiian state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the family joked by saying "wasn't that the one we ate for sushi the other night!?" The Jenner family are in Maui to celebrate a family birthday.