Broken Bow brand: 'Rooted. But not standing still'


BROKEN BOW, Neb. (AP) — Broken Bow officials say the city's new branding statement captures the essence of the central Nebraska community: "Rooted. But not standing still."

Several groups in the Custer County city of 3,700 teamed up to survey about 700 people, looking for words that would encapsulate feelings from those inside and outside of Broken Bow. Among the words gleaned from the survey were "hardworking" and "friendly" and "gets things done together."

The groups then worked with a consultant to devise the branding statement and an accompanying narrative to share with those considering a move to Broken Bow.

"Broken Bow is a place to put down roots," the narrative says. "The kind of roots that reach deep in to the soil and provide a solid foundation as we grow."

Melissa Garcia, president of Custer County Economic Development Corp., said the brand statement reflects what Broken Bow is. Many rural communities are thought of as stagnant, but Broken Bow is economically strong and growing. The development corporation's website lists several businesses that have opened up, moved to or expanded in Broken Bow or elsewhere in Custer County and others that have announced their intentions to do so.

The branding process not only helps attract business and people to the community, it also resonates with residents, said Broken Bow City Council member Cody Schmick.

"Folks just respond to that," Schmick said. "If we all do it right and folks are watching, they'll start taking pride in that."

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