Buzzfeed throwing party during White House Correspondents' dinner

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Nikki Schwab

After hosting two packed parties at last summer's political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte, viral news site Buzzfeed is once again going to be a presence on the party scene, this time over White House Correspondents' Association Dinner weekend.

But instead of pre-gaming with the news outlet, or drinking with them after, Buzzfeed's party will carry on during the dinner -- broadcasting President Obama's and Conan O'Brien's remarks at their event, taking place at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan.

"We weren't invited to have a table at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year, but BuzzFeed's not really one to miss a party so we figured we'd throw one ourselves," Buzzfeed's Senior Press Director Ashley McCollum told Yeas & Nays. "No WHCAD tickets, no problem. And we'll have pedicabs to bring Dinner guests over a few blocks for the definitive pre party to the after parties."

Geico is sponsoring the pedicabs, which promise to get guests from the Washington Hilton to Buzzfeed's BBQ-themed fete in 15 minutes or fewer.

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