California cities spend millions lobbying state and federal governments

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What happens when the government directs a larger and larger portion of the economy? Local governments are forced to spend millions lobbying up the food chain. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Although many of California’s cities and counties have been struggling financially, putting off road repairs, cutting back library hours and reducing police patrols, there is one way in which they have not held back: hiring Sacramento lobbyists.

Local governments’ spending on advocacy in the Capitol has surged in recent years, topping $96 million during the two-year legislative session that ended last fall — an increase of nearly 50% from a decade ago.

And Sacramento is not the only city where California cities are employing lobbyists. Thanks to the flood federal grants to local governments, California cities are sending millions to Washington lobbyists too. State and local governments spent more than $73 million lobbying Congress in 2012, and six of the top ten highest spending local governments hailed from California.

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